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JoystickButtons Enumeration

Flags enumeration of joystick buttons.

Namespace:  Accord.Controls
Assembly:  Accord.Controls (in Accord.Controls.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public enum Buttons
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  Member nameValueDescription
Button11 1st button.
Button22 2nd button.
Button34 3rd button.
Button48 4th button.
Button516 5th button.
Button632 6th button.
Button764 7th button.
Button8128 8th button.
Button9256 9th button.
Button10512 10th button.
Button111024 11th button.
Button122048 12th button.
Button134096 13th button.
Button148192 14th button.
Button1516384 15th button.
Button1632768 16th button.
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