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Accord.Math.Geometry Namespace

Contains geometry-related classes. Can identify convex-hulls, detect curvatures and extract convexity defects. When used together with the Imaging and Vision namespaces, can create finger detection components.
Public classCircle
2D circle class.
Public classClosePointsMergingOptimizer
Shape optimizer, which merges points within close distance to each other.
Public classConvexHullDefects
Convex Hull Defects Extractor.
Public classConvexityDefect
Convexity defect.
Public classCoplanarPosit
3D pose estimation algorithm (coplanar case).
Public classDiscreteCurveEvolution
Discrete Curve Evolution.
Public classFlatAnglesOptimizer
Shape optimizer, which removes obtuse angles (close to flat) from a shape.
Public classGeometryTools
Collection of some gemetry tool methods.
Public classGrahamConvexHull
Graham scan algorithm for finding convex hull.
Public classKCurvature
K-curvatures algorithm for local maximum contour detection.
Public classLine
The class encapsulates 2D line and provides some tool methods related to lines.
Public classLineSegment
The class encapsulates 2D line segment and provides some tool methods related to lines.
Public classLineStraighteningOptimizer
Shape optimizer, which removes points within close range to shapes' body.
Public classPointsCloud
Set of tools for processing collection of points in 2D space.
Public classPosit
3D pose estimation algorithm.
Public classSimpleShapeChecker
A class for checking simple geometrical shapes.
Public interfaceIConvexHullAlgorithm
Interface defining methods for algorithms, which search for convex hull of the specified points' set.
Public interfaceIShapeOptimizer
Interface for shape optimizing algorithms.
Public enumerationPolygonSubType
Some common sub types of some basic shapes.
Public enumerationShapeType
Enumeration of some basic shape types.