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IShapeOptimizer Interface

Interface for shape optimizing algorithms.

Namespace:  Accord.Math.Geometry
Assembly:  Accord.Math (in Accord.Math.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public interface IShapeOptimizer
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The IShapeOptimizer type exposes the following members.

Public methodOptimizeShape
Optimize specified shape.

The interface defines set of methods, which should be implemented by shape optimizing algorithms. These algorithms take input shape, which is defined by a set of points (corners of convex hull, etc.), and remove some insignificant points from it, which has little influence on the final shape's look.

The shape optimizing algorithms can be useful in conjunction with such algorithms like convex hull searching, which usually may provide many hull points, where some of them are insignificant and could be removed.

For additional details about shape optimizing algorithms, documentation of particular algorithm should be studied.

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