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PhysicalConnectorType Enumeration

Specifies the physical type of pin (audio or video).

Namespace:  Accord.Video.DirectShow
Assembly:  Accord.Video.DirectShow (in Accord.Video.DirectShow.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public enum PhysicalConnectorType
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  Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Default value of connection type. Physically it does not exist, but just either to specify that connection type should not be changed (input) or was not determined (output).
VideoTuner1 Specifies a tuner pin for video.
VideoComposite2 Specifies a composite pin for video.
VideoSVideo3 Specifies an S-Video (Y/C video) pin.
VideoRGB4 Specifies an RGB pin for video.
VideoYRYBY5 Specifies a YRYBY (Y, R–Y, B–Y) pin for video.
VideoSerialDigital6 Specifies a serial digital pin for video.
VideoParallelDigital7 Specifies a parallel digital pin for video.
VideoSCSI8 Specifies a SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) pin for video.
VideoAUX9 Specifies an AUX (auxiliary) pin for video.
Video139410 Specifies an IEEE 1394 pin for video.
VideoUSB11 Specifies a USB (Universal Serial Bus) pin for video.
VideoDecoder12 Specifies a video decoder pin.
VideoEncoder13 Specifies a video encoder pin.
VideoSCART14 Specifies a SCART (Peritel) pin for video.
VideoBlack15 Not used.
AudioTuner4096 Specifies a tuner pin for audio.
AudioLine4097 Specifies a line pin for audio.
AudioMic4098 Specifies a microphone pin.
AudioAESDigital4099 Specifies an AES/EBU (Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcast Union) digital pin for audio.
AudioSPDIFDigital4100 Specifies an S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) digital pin for audio.
AudioSCSI4101 Specifies a SCSI pin for audio.
AudioAUX4102 Specifies an AUX pin for audio.
Audio13944103 Specifies an IEEE 1394 pin for audio.
AudioUSB4104 Specifies a USB pin for audio.
AudioDecoder4105 Specifies an audio decoder pin.
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