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Accord.Video.DirectShow Namespace

Public classFileVideoSource
Video source for video files.
Public classFilterCategory
DirectShow filter categories.
Public classFilterInfo
DirectShow filter information.
Public classCode exampleFilterInfoCollection
Collection of filters' information objects.
Public classVideoCapabilities
Capabilities of video device such as frame size and frame rate.
Public classCode exampleVideoCaptureDevice
Video source for local video capture device (for example USB webcam).
Public classVideoCaptureDeviceForm
Local video device selection form.
Public classVideoInput
Video input of a capture board.
Public enumerationCameraControlFlags
The enumeration defines whether a camera setting is controlled manually or automatically.
Public enumerationCameraControlProperty
The enumeration specifies a setting on a camera.
Public enumerationPhysicalConnectorType
Specifies the physical type of pin (audio or video).