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HaarObjectDetector Properties

The HaarObjectDetector type exposes the following members.

Public propertyChannel
Gets or sets the color channel to use when processing color images.
Public propertyClassifier
Gets the internal Cascade Classifier used by this detector.
Public propertyDetectedObjects
Gets the detected objects bounding boxes.
Public propertyMaxSize
Maximum window size to consider when searching objects.
Public propertyMinSize
Minimum window size to consider when searching objects.
Public propertyScalingFactor
Gets or sets the scaling factor to rescale the window during search.
Public propertyScalingMode
Gets or sets the desired scaling method.
Public propertySearchMode
Gets or sets the desired searching method.
Public propertySteady
Gets how many frames the object has been detected in a steady position.
Public propertySuppression
Gets or sets the minimum threshold used to suppress rectangles which have not been detected sufficient number of times. This property only has effect when SearchMode is set to Average.
Public propertyUseParallelProcessing
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this HaarObjectDetector should scan the image using multiple threads. This setting can only be changed to true on .NET version which support the Parallel Tasks framework (4.0+).
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