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Accord.Vision.Detection Namespace

Contains object detectors such as the Viola-Jones (Haar feature) method. The Haar cascades are completely compatible with OpenCV generated definitions and the assembly comes with direct support for bundled definitions for face and nose templates.
Public classCode exampleHaarCascade
Cascade of Haar-like features' weak classification stages.
Public classHaarCascadeSerializationObject
Haar Cascade Serialization Root. This class is used only for XML serialization/deserialization.
Public classHaarCascadeStage
Haar Cascade Classifier Stage.
Public classHaarCascadeWriter
Automatic transcriber for Haar cascades.
Public classHaarClassifier
Strong classifier based on a weaker cascade of classifiers using Haar-like rectangular features.
Public classHaarFeature
Rectangular Haar-like feature container.
Public classHaarFeatureNode
Haar Cascade Feature Tree Node.
Public classCode exampleHaarObjectDetector
Viola-Jones Object Detector based on Haar-like features.
Public classHaarRectangle
Scalable rectangular area.
Public interfaceIObjectDetector
Object detector interface.
Public enumerationObjectDetectorScalingMode
Object detector options for window scaling.
Public enumerationObjectDetectorSearchMode
Object detector options for the search procedure.