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Options Properties

The NormalizationOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColumnName
Gets or sets the name of the column that the options will apply to.
(Inherited from ColumnOptionsBaseTFilter.)
Public propertyMean
Gets or sets the mean of the data contained in the column.
Public propertyOwner
Gets or sets the filter to which these options belong to.
(Inherited from ColumnOptionsBaseTFilter.)
Public propertyStandardDeviation
Gets or sets the standard deviation of the data contained in the column.
Public propertyStandardize
Gets or sets if the column's data should be standardized to Z-Scores.
Public propertyTag
Gets or sets a user-determined object associated with this column.
(Inherited from ColumnOptionsBaseTFilter.)
Public propertyToken
Gets or sets a cancellation token that can be used to stop the learning algorithm while it is running.
(Inherited from ColumnOptionsBaseTFilter.)
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