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Accord.Statistics.Filters Namespace

Contains data processing filters, such as data normalization, discretization, equalization, selection and projection filters.
Public classBaseFilterT
Base abstract class for the Data Table preprocessing filters.
Public classCode exampleBranching
Branching filter.
Public classBranchingOptions
Column options for the branching filter.
Public classCode exampleCodification
Codification Filter class.
Public classCode exampleCodificationT
Codification Filter class.
Public classCodificationTOptions
Options for processing a column.
Public classColumnOptionCollectionT
Column option collection.
Public classColumnOptionsBase
Column options for filter which have per-column settings.
Public classCode exampleDiscretization
Value discretization preprocessing filter.
Public classDiscretizationOptions
Options for the discretization filter.
Public classElimination
Elimination filter.
Public classEliminationOptions
Options for the discretization filter.
Public classFiltersSequence
Sequence of table processing filters.
Public classGrouping
Grouping filter.
Public classGroupingOptions
Options for the grouping filter.
Public classIdentification
Identification filter.
Public classImputation
Imputation filter for filling missing values.
Public classImputationOptions
Options for the imputation filter.
Public classLinearScaling
Linear Scaling Filter
Public classLinearScalingOptions
Options for the Linear Scaling filter.
Public classCode exampleNormalization
Data normalization preprocessing filter.
Public classNormalizationOptions
Options for normalizing a column.
Public classPrincipalComponentProjection
Principal component projection filter.
Public classPrincipalComponentProjectionOptions
Options for normalizing a column.
Public classCode exampleProjection
Relational-algebra projection filter.
Public classRandomization
Randomization filter.
Public classSelection
Relational-algebra selection filter.
Public classStratification
Class equalization filter.
Public classStratificationOptions
Options for the stratification filter.
Public classWindowing
Time-series windowing filter.
Public classWindowingOptions
Options for segmenting a time-series contained inside a column.
Public interfaceIAutoConfigurableColumn
Indicates that a column filter supports automatic initialization.
Public interfaceIAutoConfigurableFilter
Indicates that a filter supports automatic initialization.
Public interfaceIFilter
Sample processing filter interface.
Public interfaceIInPlaceFilter
Data processing interface for in-place filters.
Public enumerationCodificationVariable
Codification type.
Public enumerationImputationStrategy
Strategies for missing value imputations.