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BaseOneclassSupportVectorLearningTModel, TKernel, TInput Properties

The BaseOneclassSupportVectorLearningTModel, TKernel, TInput generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyKernel
Gets or sets the kernel function use to create a kernel Support Vector Machine. If this property is set, UseKernelEstimation will be set to false.
Public propertyLagrange
Gets the value for the Lagrange multipliers (alpha) for every observation vector.
Public propertyModel
Gets or sets the classifier being learned.
Public propertyNu
Controls the number of outliers accepted by the algorithm. This value provides an upper bound on the fraction of training errors and a lower bound of the fraction of support vectors. Default is 0.5
Public propertyShrinking
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use shrinking heuristics during learning. Default is true.
Public propertyToken
Gets or sets a cancellation token that can be used to stop the learning algorithm while it is running.
Public propertyTolerance
Convergence tolerance. Default value is 1e-2.
Public propertyUseKernelEstimation
Gets or sets whether initial values for some kernel parameters should be estimated from the data, if possible. Default is true.
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