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Population Properties

The Population type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoShuffling
Determines of auto shuffling is on or off.
Public propertyBestChromosome
Best chromosome of the population.
Public propertyCrossoverRate
Crossover rate, [0.1, 1].
Public propertyFitnessAvg
Average fitness of the population.
Public propertyFitnessFunction
Fitness function to apply to the population.
Public propertyFitnessMax
Maximum fitness of the population.
Public propertyFitnessSum
Summary fitness of the population.
Public propertyItem
Get chromosome with specified index.
Public propertyMutationRate
Mutation rate, [0.1, 1].
Public propertyRandomSelectionPortion
Random selection portion, [0, 0.9].
Public propertySelectionMethod
Selection method to use with the population.
Public propertySize
Size of the population.
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