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Accord.Genetic Namespace

Public classBinaryChromosome
Binary chromosome, which supports length from 2 till 64.
Public classChromosomeBase
Chromosomes' base class.
Public classDoubleArrayChromosome
Double array chromosome.
Public classEliteSelection
Elite selection method.
Public classExtendedGeneFunction
Genetic programming gene, which represents arithmetic functions, common mathematical functions and arguments.
Public classGEPChromosome
The chromosome represents a Gene Expression, which is used for different tasks of Genetic Expression Programming (GEP).
Public classGPTreeChromosome
Tree chromosome represents a tree of genes, which is is used for different tasks of Genetic Programming (GP).
Public classGPTreeNode
Represents tree node of genetic programming tree.
Public classOptimizationFunction1D
Base class for one dimensional function optimizations.
Public classOptimizationFunction2D
Base class for two dimenstional function optimization.
Public classPermutationChromosome
Permutation chromosome.
Public classPopulation
Population of chromosomes.
Public classRankSelection
Rank selection method.
Public classRouletteWheelSelection
Roulette wheel selection method.
Public classShortArrayChromosome
Short array chromosome.
Public classSimpleGeneFunction
Genetic programming gene, which represents simple arithmetic functions and arguments.
Public classSymbolicRegressionFitness
Fitness function for symbolic regression (function approximation) problem
Public classTimeSeriesPredictionFitness
Fitness function for times series prediction problem
Public interfaceIChromosome
Chromosome interface.
Public interfaceIFitnessFunction
Fitness function interface.
Public interfaceIGPGene
Genetic Programming's gene interface.
Public interfaceISelectionMethod
Genetic selection method interface.