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SortableBindingListT Properties

The SortableBindingListT generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowEdit
Gets or sets a value indicating whether items in the list can be edited.
(Inherited from BindingListT.)
Public propertyAllowNew
Gets or sets a value indicating whether you can add items to the list using the AddNew method.
(Inherited from BindingListT.)
Public propertyAllowRemove
Gets or sets a value indicating whether you can remove items from the collection.
(Inherited from BindingListT.)
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of elements actually contained in the CollectionT.
(Inherited from CollectionT.)
Protected propertyIsSortedCore
Gets whether this list is sorted.
(Overrides BindingListTIsSortedCore.)
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the element at the specified index.
(Inherited from CollectionT.)
Protected propertyItems
Gets a IListT wrapper around the CollectionT.
(Inherited from CollectionT.)
Public propertyRaiseListChangedEvents
Gets or sets a value indicating whether adding or removing items within the list raises ListChanged events.
(Inherited from BindingListT.)
Protected propertySortDirectionCore
Gets the sort order direction.
(Overrides BindingListTSortDirectionCore.)
Protected propertySortPropertyCore
Gets the current property being sorted.
(Overrides BindingListTSortPropertyCore.)
Protected propertySupportsChangeNotificationCore
Gets a value indicating whether ListChanged events are enabled.
(Inherited from BindingListT.)
Protected propertySupportsSearchingCore
Returns true.
(Overrides BindingListTSupportsSearchingCore.)
Protected propertySupportsSortingCore
Returns true.
(Overrides BindingListTSupportsSortingCore.)
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