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ArrayPropertyDescriptor Properties

The ArrayPropertyDescriptor type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyAttributeArray
Gets or sets an array of attributes.
(Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Public propertyAttributes
Gets the collection of attributes for this member.
(Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Public propertyCategory
Gets the name of the category to which the member belongs, as specified in the CategoryAttribute.
(Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Public propertyComponentType
Returns the type of ArrayRowView.
(Overrides PropertyDescriptorComponentType.)
Public propertyConverter
Gets the type converter for this property.
(Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
Public propertyDescription
Gets the description of the member, as specified in the DescriptionAttribute.
(Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Public propertyDesignTimeOnly
Gets whether this member should be set only at design time, as specified in the DesignOnlyAttribute.
(Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Public propertyDisplayName
Returns the name of the array.
(Overrides MemberDescriptorDisplayName.)
Public propertyIsBrowsable
Gets a value indicating whether the member is browsable, as specified in the BrowsableAttribute.
(Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Public propertyIsLocalizable
Gets a value indicating whether this property should be localized, as specified in the LocalizableAttribute.
(Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Returns false.
(Overrides PropertyDescriptorIsReadOnly.)
Public propertyName
Gets the name of the member.
(Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Protected propertyNameHashCode
Gets the hash code for the name of the member, as specified in GetHashCode.
(Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Public propertyPropertyType
Gets the type of the underlying multidimensional array.
(Overrides PropertyDescriptorPropertyType.)
Public propertySerializationVisibility
Gets a value indicating whether this property should be serialized, as specified in the DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute.
(Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
Public propertySupportsChangeEvents
Gets a value indicating whether value change notifications for this property may originate from outside the property descriptor.
(Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
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