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BaseSequentialMinimalOptimizationTModel, TKernel, TInputCacheSize Property

Gets or sets the cache size to partially store the kernel matrix. Default is the same number of input vectors, meaning the entire kernel matrix will be computed and cached in memory. If set to zero, the cache will be disabled and all operations will be computed as needed.

Namespace:  Accord.MachineLearning.VectorMachines.Learning
Assembly:  Accord.MachineLearning (in Accord.MachineLearning.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public int CacheSize { get; set; }
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Property Value

Type: Int32
In order to know how many rows can fit under a amount of memory, you can use GetNumberOfRowsForMaximumSizeInBytes(Int32). Be sure to also test the algorithm with the cache disabled, as sometimes the cost of the extra memory allocations needed by the cache will be higher than the cost of evaluating the kernel function, specially for fast kernels such as Linear.
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