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PictureBoxImage Property

Gets or sets the image that the PictureBox displays.

Namespace:  Accord.Controls
Assembly:  Accord.Controls.Imaging (in Accord.Controls.Imaging.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public Image Image { get; set; }
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Property Value

Type: Image

The property is used to set image to be displayed or to get currently displayed image.

Note Note
In the case if source image has high color depth, like 16 bpp grayscale image, 48 bpp or 64 bpp color image, it is converted to lower color depth before displaying - to 8 bpp grayscale, 24 bpp or 32 bpp color image respectively.

Note Note
During color conversion the original source image is kept unmodified, but internal converted copy is created. The property always returns original source image.

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