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Accord.Math.Kinematics Namespace

Contains classes to model complex kinematic chains, useful for robotic applications.
Public classDenavitHartenbergJoint
Denavit-Hartenberg Model Joint.
Public classDenavitHartenbergJointCollection
Collection of Denavit Hartenberg Joints.
Public classDenavitHartenbergMatrix
Denavit Hartenberg matrix (commonly referred as T).
Public classCode exampleDenavitHartenbergModel
Denavit Hartenberg model for joints.
Public classCode exampleDenavitHartenbergNode
Denavit Hartenberg Model Combinator class to make combination of models to create a complex model composed of multiple chains.
Public classDenavitHartenbergNodeCollection
Collection of Denavit-Hartenberg model nodes.
Public classDenavitHartenbergParameters
Denavit Hartenberg joint-description parameters.