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HiddenMarkovModelCreateDiscrete Method (Double, Double, Double, Boolean)

Creates a discrete hidden Markov model using the generic interface.

Namespace:  Accord.Statistics.Models.Markov
Assembly:  Accord.Statistics (in Accord.Statistics.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public static HiddenMarkovModel<GeneralDiscreteDistribution, int> CreateDiscrete(
	double[,] transitions,
	double[,] emissions,
	double[] probabilities,
	bool logarithm = false
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Type: SystemDouble
The transitions matrix A for this model.
Type: SystemDouble
The emissions matrix B for this model.
Type: SystemDouble
The initial state probabilities for this model.
logarithm (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
Set to true if the matrices are given with logarithms of the intended probabilities; set to false otherwise. Default is false.

Return Value

Type: HiddenMarkovModelGeneralDiscreteDistribution, Int32
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