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EvolutionaryLearning Constructor (ActivationNetwork, Int32)

Initializes a new instance of the EvolutionaryLearning class.

Namespace:  Accord.Neuro.Learning
Assembly:  Accord.Neuro (in Accord.Neuro.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public EvolutionaryLearning(
	ActivationNetwork activationNetwork,
	int populationSize
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Type: Accord.NeuroActivationNetwork
Activation network to be trained.
Type: SystemInt32
Size of genetic population.

This version of constructor is used to create genetic population for searching optimal neural network's weight using default set of parameters, which are:

  • Selection method - elite;
  • Crossover rate - 0.75;
  • Mutation rate - 0.25;
  • Rate of injection of random chromosomes during selection - 0.20;
  • Random numbers generator for initializing new chromosome - UniformGenerator( new Range( -1, 1 ) );
  • Random numbers generator used during mutation for genes' multiplication - ExponentialGenerator( 1 );
  • Random numbers generator used during mutation for adding random value to genes - UniformGenerator( new Range( -0.5f, 0.5f ) ).

In order to have full control over the above default parameters, it is possible to used extended version of constructor, which allows to specify all of the parameters.

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