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LinguisticVariableAddLabel Method

Adds a linguistic label to the variable.

Namespace:  Accord.Fuzzy
Assembly:  Accord.Fuzzy (in Accord.Fuzzy.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public void AddLabel(
	FuzzySet label
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Type: Accord.FuzzyFuzzySet
A FuzzySet that will be a linguistic label of the linguistic variable.
NullReferenceExceptionThe fuzzy set was not initialized.
ArgumentExceptionThe linguistic label name already exists in the linguistic variable.
ArgumentExceptionThe left limit of the fuzzy set can not be lower than the linguistic variable's starting point.
ArgumentException"The right limit of the fuzzy set can not be greater than the linguistic variable's ending point."
Linguistic labels are fuzzy sets (FuzzySet). Each label of the variable must have a unique name. The range of the label (left and right limits) cannot be greater than the linguistic variable range (start/end).
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