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MultipleLinearRegression Properties

The MultipleLinearRegression type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCoefficients Obsolete.
Gets the coefficients used by the regression model. If the model contains an intercept term, it will be in the end of the vector.
Public propertyHasIntercept Obsolete.
Gets whether this model has an additional intercept term.
Public propertyInputs Obsolete.
Gets the number of inputs for the regression model.
Public propertyIntercept
Gets or sets the intercept value for the regression.
Public propertyNumberOfInputs
Gets the number of inputs accepted by the model.
(Overrides TransformBaseTInput, TOutputNumberOfInputs.)
Public propertyNumberOfOutputs
Gets the number of outputs generated by the model.
(Inherited from TransformBaseTInput, TOutput.)
Public propertyNumberOfParameters
Gets the number of parameters in this model (equals the NumberOfInputs + 1).
Public propertyWeights
Gets or sets the linear weights of the regression model. The intercept term is not stored in this vector, but is instead available through the Intercept property.
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