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NormalDistribution Properties

The NormalDistribution type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEntropy
Gets the Entropy for this Normal distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateContinuousDistributionEntropy.)
Public propertyKurtosis
Gets the excess kurtosis for this distribution. In the Normal distribution, this is always 0.
Public propertyMean
Gets the Mean value μ (mu) for this Normal distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateContinuousDistributionMean.)
Public propertyMedian
Gets the median for this distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateContinuousDistributionMedian.)
Public propertyMode
Gets the mode for this distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateContinuousDistributionMode.)
Public propertyQuartiles
Gets the Quartiles for this distribution.
(Inherited from UnivariateContinuousDistribution.)
Public propertySkewness
Gets the skewness for this distribution. In the Normal distribution, this is always 0.
Public propertyStatic memberStandard
Gets the Standard Gaussian Distribution, with zero mean and unit variance.
Public propertyStandardDeviation
Gets the Standard Deviation σ (sigma), which is the square root of the variance for this Normal distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateContinuousDistributionStandardDeviation.)
Public propertySupport
Gets the support interval for this distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateContinuousDistributionSupport.)
Public propertyVariance
Gets the Variance σ² (sigma-squared), which is the square of the standard deviation σ for this Normal distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateContinuousDistributionVariance.)
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