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GridSearchResultTModel, TParam, TInput, TOutput Properties

The GridSearchResultTModel, TParam, TInput, TOutput generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBestModel
Gets the best model found.
Public propertyBestModelError
Gets the minimum validation error found. If this result has been retrieved through Grid-Search Cross-Validation, this will correspond to the minimum average validation error for the different data splits (validation folds).
Public propertyBestModelIndex
Gets the index of the best found model in the Models collection.
Public propertyBestParameters
Gets the best parameter combination found.
Public propertyCount
Gets the size of the grid used in the grid-search.
Public propertyErrors
Gets the error for each of the created models.
Public propertyExceptions
Gets exceptions found during the learning of each of the created models, if any.
Public propertyModels
Gets all models created during the search.
Public propertyNumberOfInputs
Gets the number of inputs accepted by the model.
Public propertyNumberOfOutputs
Gets the number of outputs generated by the model.
Public propertyParameters
Gets all combination of parameters tried.
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