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KMeansClusterCollection Properties

The KMeansClusterCollection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCentroids
Gets or sets the clusters' centroids.
Public propertyClusters
Gets the collection of clusters currently modeled by the clustering algorithm.
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of clusters in the collection.
Public propertyCovariances
Gets the clusters' variance-covariance matrices.
Public propertyDimension Obsolete.
Gets the dimensionality of the data space.
Public propertyDistance
Gets or sets the distance function used to measure the distance between a point and the cluster centroid in this clustering definition.
Public propertyItem
Public propertyNumberOfClasses
Gets the number of classes expected and recognized by the classifier.
(Inherited from ClassifierBaseTInput, TClasses.)
Public propertyNumberOfInputs
Gets the number of inputs accepted by the model.
(Inherited from TransformBaseTInput, TOutput.)
Public propertyNumberOfOutputs
Gets the number of outputs generated by the model.
(Inherited from TransformBaseTInput, TOutput.)
Public propertyProportions
Gets the proportion of samples in each cluster.
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