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BagOfWords Properties

The BagOfWords type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCodeToString
Gets the reverse dictionary which translates integer labels into string tokens.
Public propertyMaximumOccurance
Gets or sets the maximum number of occurrences of a word which should be registered in the feature vector. Default is 1 (if a word occurs, corresponding feature is set to 1).
Public propertyNumberOfInputs
Gets the number of inputs accepted by the model.
Public propertyNumberOfOutputs
Gets the number of outputs generated by the model.
Public propertyNumberOfWords
Gets the number of words in this codebook.
Public propertyParallelOptions
Gets or sets the parallelization options for this algorithm.
(Inherited from ParallelLearningBase.)
Public propertyStringToCode
Gets the forward dictionary which translates string tokens to integer labels.
Public propertyToken
Gets or sets a cancellation token that can be used to cancel the algorithm while it is running.
(Inherited from ParallelLearningBase.)
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