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HistogramsOfOrientedGradients Properties

The HistogramsOfOrientedGradients type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBinWidth
Gets the width of the histogram bin. This property is computed as (2.0 * System.Math.PI) / numberOfBins.
Public propertyBlockSize
Gets the size of a block, in pixels. Default is 3.
Public propertyCellSize
Gets the size of a cell, in pixels. Default is 6.
Public propertyDirection
Gets the matrix of orientations generated in the last call to Transform(Bitmap).
Public propertyHistograms
Gets the histogram computed at each cell.
Public propertyMagnitude
Gets the matrix of magnitudes generated in the last call to Transform(Bitmap).
Public propertyNormalize
Gets or sets whether to normalize final histogram feature vectors. Default is true.
Public propertyNumberOfBins
Gets the number of histogram bins. Default is 9.
Public propertyNumberOfInputs
Returns -1.
(Inherited from BaseFeatureExtractorTFeature.)
Public propertyNumberOfOutputs
Gets the dimensionality of the features generated by this extractor.
(Inherited from BaseFeatureExtractorTFeature.)
Public propertySupportedFormats
Gets the list of image pixel formats that are supported by this extractor. The extractor will check whether the pixel format of any provided images are in this list to determine whether the image can be processed or not.
(Inherited from BaseFeatureExtractorTFeature.)
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