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FITSImageInfo Properties

The FITSImageInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBitsPerPixel
Number of bits per image's pixel.
(Inherited from ImageInfo.)
Public propertyFrameIndex
Frame's index.
(Inherited from ImageInfo.)
Public propertyHeight
Image's height.
(Inherited from ImageInfo.)
Public propertyInstrument
Instrument used for observation.
Public propertyMaxDataValue
Maximum data value found during parsing FITS image.
Public propertyMinDataValue
Minimum data value found during parsing FITS image.
Public propertyObject
Object acquired during observation.
Public propertyObserver
Observer doing object's acquiring.
Public propertyOriginalBitsPerPixl
Original bits per pixel.
Public propertyTelescope
Telescope used for object's observation.
Public propertyTotalFrames
Total frames in the image.
(Inherited from ImageInfo.)
Public propertyWidth
Image's width.
(Inherited from ImageInfo.)
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