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WisconsinDiagnosticBreastCancerVariableNames Property

Gets the variable names in Wisconsin's Breast Cancer dataset: "radius" (mean of distances from center to points on the perimeter), "texture" (standard deviation of gray-scale values), "perimeter", "area", "smoothness" (local variation in radius lengths), "compactness" (perimeter^2 / area - 1.0), "concavity" (severity of concave portions of the contour), "concave points" (number of concave portions of the contour), "symmetry", "fractal dimension" ("coastline approximation" - 1)

Namespace:  Accord.DataSets
Assembly:  Accord.DataSets (in Accord.DataSets.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public string[] VariableNames { get; }
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Property Value

Type: String
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