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Accord.Statistics.Distributions.Fitting Namespace

Contains special options which can be used in distribution fitting (estimation) methods.
Public classBetaOptions
Estimation options for Beta distributions.
Public classCauchyOptions
Estimation options for Cauchy distributions.
Public classEmpiricalHazardOptions
Options for Empirical Hazard distributions.
Public classEmpiricalOptions
Estimation options for Empirical distributions.
Public classExpectationMaximizationTObservation
Expectation Maximization algorithm for mixture model fitting.
Public classGammaOptions
Estimation options for Gamma distributions.
Public classGeneralDiscreteOptions
Public classGeneralizedBetaOptions
Estimation options for Beta PERT distributions.
Public classHiddenMarkovOptions
Fitting options for hidden Markov model distributions.
Public classHypergeometricOptions
Estimation options for Hypergeometric distributions.
Public classIndependentOptions
Public classIndependentOptionsTOptions
Public classLogExpectationMaximizationTObservation
Expectation Maximization algorithm for mixture model fitting in the log domain.
Public classMixtureOptions
Estimation options for univariate and multivariatemixture distributions.
Public classMultivariateEmpiricalOptions
Estimation options for Multivariate Empirical distributions.
Public classNormalOptions
Estimation options for Normal distributions.
Public classSurvivalOptions
Options for Survival distributions.
Public classTriangularOptions
Estimation options for Triangular distributions.
Public classVonMisesOptions
Estimation options for Von-Mises distributions.
Public interfaceIComponentOptions
Common interface for fitting options that support sharing parameters between multiple components of a compound, mixture distribution.
Public interfaceIFittingOptions
Common interface for distribution fitting option objects.
Public delegateMultivariateSmoothingRule
Smoothing rule function definition for Empirical distributions.
Public delegateSmoothingRule
Smoothing rule function definition for Empirical distributions.
Public enumerationBetaEstimationMethod
Estimation methods for Beta distributions.
Public enumerationBetaPertMethod
BetaPERT's distribution estimation method.
Public enumerationHypergeometricParameter
Estimable parameters of Hypergeometric distributions.
Public enumerationTriangularEstimationMethod
Triangular distribution's mode estimation method.
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