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Accord.MachineLearning.DecisionTrees Namespace

Contains discrete and continuous Decision Trees, with support for automatic code generation, tree pruning and the creation of decision rule sets.
Public classComparisonExtensions
Extension methods for ComparisonKind enumeration values.
Public classDecisionBranchNodeCollection
Collection of decision nodes. A decision branch specifies the index of an attribute whose current value should be compared against its children nodes. The type of the comparison is specified in each child node.
Public classDecisionNode
Decision Tree (DT) Node.
Public classCode exampleDecisionTree
Decision tree (for both discrete and continuous classification problems).
Public classDecisionTreeTraversal
Common traversal methods for n-ary trees.
Public classDecisionVariable
Decision attribute.
Public classDecisionVariableCollection
Collection of decision attributes.
Public classCode exampleRandomForest
Random Forest.
Public classCode exampleRandomForestLearning
Random Forest learning algorithm.
Public delegateDecisionTreeTraversalMethod
Tree enumeration method delegate.
Public enumerationComparisonKind
Numeric comparison category.
Public enumerationDecisionVariableKind
Attribute category.
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