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Accord.Imaging.Converters Namespace

Contains classes and methods to convert between different image representations, such as between common images, numeric matrices and arrays.
Public classCode exampleArrayToImage
Jagged array to Bitmap converter.
Public classCode exampleImageToArray
Bitmap to jagged array converter.
Public classCode exampleImageToMatrix
Bitmap to multidimensional matrix converter.
Public classCode exampleMatrixToImage
Multidimensional array to Bitmap converter.

The image converters are able to convert to and from images defined as byte, double and float multi-dimensional matrices, jagged matrices, and even images represented as flat arrays. It is also possible to convert images defined as series of individual pixel colors into Bitmaps, and back from those Bitmaps into any of the aforementioned representations. Support for AForge.NET's UnmanagedImage is also available.

The namespace class diagram is shown below.