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Accord.Imaging.ColorReduction Namespace

Public classBurkesColorDithering
Color dithering using Burkes error diffusion.
Public classColorErrorDiffusionToAdjacentNeighbors
Base class for error diffusion color dithering, where error is diffused to adjacent neighbor pixels.
Public classColorImageQuantizer
Color quantization tools.
Public classErrorDiffusionColorDithering
Base class for error diffusion color dithering.
Public classFloydSteinbergColorDithering
Color dithering using Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion.
Public classJarvisJudiceNinkeColorDithering
Color dithering using Jarvis, Judice and Ninke error diffusion.
Public classMedianCutQuantizer
Median cut color quantization algorithm.
Public classOrderedColorDithering
Color dithering with a thresold matrix (ordered dithering).
Public classSierraColorDithering
Color dithering using Sierra error diffusion.
Public classStuckiColorDithering
Color dithering using Stucki error diffusion.
Public interfaceIColorQuantizer
Interface which is implemented by different color quantization algorithms.