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Accord.NET (logo) Accord.IO Namespace
Public classCsvReader
Represents a reader that provides fast, non-cached, forward-only access to CSV data.
Public classCsvWriter
Writer for CSV data.
Public classCode exampleExcelReader
Excel file reader using Microsoft Jet Database Engine.
Public classIdxReader
Reader for IDX files (such as MNIST's digit database).
Public classLibSvmModel
Reads support vector machines created from LibSVM or Liblinear. Not all solver types are supported.
Public classMalformedCsvException
Represents the exception that is thrown when a CSV file is malformed.
Public classMatNode
Node object contained in .MAT file. A node can contain a matrix object, a string, or another nodes.
Public classCode exampleMatReader
Reader for .mat files (such as the ones created by Matlab and Octave).
Public classMatSparse
Sparse matrix representation used by .MAT files.
Public classMissingFieldCsvException
Represents the exception that is thrown when a there is a missing field in a record of the CSV file.
Public classParseErrorEventArgs
Provides data for the ParseError event.
Public classSerializer
Model serializer. Can be used to serialize and deserialize (i.e. save and load) models from the framework to and from the disk and other streams.
Public classCode exampleSparseReader
Reader for data files containing samples in libsvm's sparse format.
Public structureCsvReaderRecordEnumerator
Supports a simple iteration over the records of a CsvReader.
Public enumerationIdxDataType
Data types which can be contained in a IDX data file.
Public enumerationLibSvmSolverType
Solver types allowed in LibSVM/Liblinear model files.
Public enumerationMissingFieldAction
Specifies the action to take when a field is missing.
Public enumerationParseErrorAction
Specifies the action to take when a parsing error has occurred.
Public enumerationValueTrimmingOptions
Field trimming options.