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Accord.Collections Namespace

Contains collections such as Lists, Dictionaries, Trees and other useful structures.
Public classBinaryNodeTNode
Tree node for binary trees.
Public classCode exampleBinaryTreeTNode
Base class for binary trees. This class does not implement a binary search tree, but can used to implement one. For binary search trees, please refer to RedBlackTreeT, KDTree and VPTree.
Public classKDTree
Convenience class for k-dimensional tree static methods. To create a new KDTree, specify the generic parameter as in KDTreeT.
Public classCode exampleKDTreeT
K-dimensional tree.
Public classKDTreeBaseTNode
Base class for K-dimensional trees.
Public classKDTreeNode
K-dimensional tree node (for KDTree).
Public classKDTreeNodeT
Public classKDTreeNodeBaseTNode
Base class for K-dimensional tree nodes.
Public classKDTreeNodeCollectionTNode
Collection of k-dimensional tree nodes.
Public classKDTreeNodeListT
List of k-dimensional tree nodes.
Public classKeyValuePairComparerTKey, TValue
Vanilla key-based comparer for KeyValuePairTKey, TValue.
Public classOrderedDictionaryTKey, TValue
Ordered dictionary.
Public classPriorityQueueT
Priority queue.
Public classReadOnlyKeyedCollectionTKey, TValue
Read-only keyed collection wrapper.
Public classRedBlackTreeT
Red-black tree.
Public classRedBlackTreeTKey, TValue
Red-black tree specialized for key-based value retrieval.
Public classRedBlackTreeDictionaryTKey, TValue
Sorted dictionary based on a red-black tree.
Public classRedBlackTreeNodeT
Public classRedBlackTreeNodeTKey, TValue
Public classSPCell
Region of space in a Space-Partitioning Tree. Represents an axis-aligned bounding box stored as a center with half-dimensions to represent the boundaries of this quad tree.
Public classSPTree
Space-Partitioning Tree.
Public classSPTreeNode
Public classTreeTNode
Base class for tree structures.
Public classTreeNodeTNode
Tree node with arbitrary number of children.
Public classTreeTraversal
Static class with tree traversal methods.
Public classTwoWayDictionaryTFirst, TSecond
Two-way dictionary for efficient lookups by both key and value. This can be used to represent a one-to-one relation among two object types.
Public classVPTree
Vantage-Point Tree.
Public classVPTreeTPoint
Vantage-Point Tree.
Public classVPTreeTPoint, TData
Vantage-Point Tree.
Public classVPTreeBaseTPoint, TNode
Base class for Vantage-Point Trees.
Public classVPTreeNodeTPoint
Node of a VPTree.
Public classVPTreeNodeTPoint, TData
Node of a VPTree.
Public classVPTreeNodeBaseTPoint, TNode
Base class for VPTree nodes.