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Accord.Audio.Filters Namespace

Contains time-domain signal processing filters.
Public classAddFilter
Additive merge filter.
Public classBaseFilter
Base signal processing filter
Public classBaseInPlaceFilter
Base in-place signal processing filter
Public classEnvelopeFilter
Time-domain envelope detector.
Public classExtractChannel
Extracts specified channel of a multiple-channel signal and returns it as a mono signal.
Public classHighPassFilter
High-pass band filter
Public classLowPassFilter
Low band pass filter.
Public classMonoFilter
Converts a multi-channel (e.g. stereo) stream into a mono stream.
Public classVolumeFilter
Volume adjustment filter.
Public classWaveRectifier
Wave Rectifier filter.
Public interfaceIFilter
Audio processing filter interface.
Public interfaceIInPlaceFilter
In-place audio processing filter interface.