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KappaTest Constructor (GeneralConfusionMatrix, Double, OneSampleHypothesis)

Creates a new Kappa test.

Namespace:  Accord.Statistics.Testing
Assembly:  Accord.Statistics (in Accord.Statistics.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public KappaTest(
	GeneralConfusionMatrix matrix,
	double hypothesizedKappa,
	OneSampleHypothesis alternate = OneSampleHypothesis.ValueIsDifferentFromHypothesis
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Type: Accord.Statistics.AnalysisGeneralConfusionMatrix
The contingency table to test.
Type: SystemDouble
The hypothesized value for the Kappa statistic. If the test is being used to assert independency between two raters (i.e. testing the null hypothesis that the underlying Kappa is zero), then the standard error will be computed with the null hypothesis parameter set to true.
alternate (Optional)
Type: Accord.Statistics.TestingOneSampleHypothesis
The alternative hypothesis (research hypothesis) to test. If the hypothesized kappa is left unspecified, a one-tailed test will be used. Otherwise, the default is to use a two-sided test.
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