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BaseBaumWelchLearningRun Method (Array)

Runs the Baum-Welch learning algorithm for hidden Markov models.

Namespace:  Accord.Statistics.Models.Markov.Learning
Assembly:  Accord.Statistics (in Accord.Statistics.dll) Version: 3.8.0
protected double Run(
	Array[] observations
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Type: SystemArray
The sequences of univariate or multivariate observations used to train the model. Can be either of type double[] (for the univariate case) or double[][] for the multivariate case.

Return Value

Type: Double
The average log-likelihood for the observations after the model has been trained.
Learning problem. Given some training observation sequences O = {o1, o2, ..., oK} and general structure of HMM (numbers of hidden and visible states), determine HMM parameters M = (A, B, pi) that best fit training data.
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