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MultilabelSupportVectorMachineTModel, TKernel, TInputScores Method (TInput, Boolean, Double)

Predicts a class label vector for the given input vector, returning a numerical score measuring the strength of association of the input vector to each of the possible classes.

Namespace:  Accord.MachineLearning.VectorMachines
Assembly:  Accord.MachineLearning (in Accord.MachineLearning.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public override double[] Scores(
	TInput input,
	ref bool[] decision,
	double[] result
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Type: TInput
A set of input vectors.
Type: SystemBoolean
The class labels associated with each input vector, as predicted by the classifier. If passed as null, the classifier will create a new array.
Type: SystemDouble
An array where the scores will be stored, avoiding unnecessary memory allocations.

Return Value

Type: Double


IMultilabelRefScoreClassifierTInput, TClassesScores(TInput, TClasses, Double)
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