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BaseSplitSetValidationTResult, TModel, TLearner, TInput, TOutputLearnSubset Method

Learns and evaluates a model in a single subset of the data.

Namespace:  Accord.MachineLearning.Performance
Assembly:  Accord.MachineLearning (in Accord.MachineLearning.dll) Version: 3.8.0
protected SplitResult<TModel, TInput, TOutput> LearnSubset(
	TrainValDataSplit<TInput, TOutput> subset,
	int index = 0
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Type: Accord.MachineLearning.PerformanceTrainValDataSplitTInput, TOutput
The subset of the data containing the training and testing subsets where a model should be trained and evaluated, respectively.
index (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
The index of this subset, if applicable.

Return Value

Type: SplitResultTModel, TInput, TOutput
A SplitResultTModel, TInput, TOutput object containing the created model and its performance on the training and validation sets.
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