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ICentroidClusterCollectionTData, TCentroids, TClusterTransform Method (TData, Int32, Double, Double)

Transform data points into feature vectors containing the distance between each point and each of the clusters.

Namespace:  Accord.MachineLearning
Assembly:  Accord.MachineLearning (in Accord.MachineLearning.dll) Version: 3.8.0
double[] Transform(
	TData[] points,
	int[] labels,
	double[] weights = null,
	double[] result = null


Type: TData
The input points.
Type: SystemInt32
The label of each input point.
weights (Optional)
Type: SystemDouble
The weight associated with each point.
result (Optional)
Type: SystemDouble
An optional matrix to store the computed transformation.

Return Value

Type: Double
A vector containing the distance between the input points and the clusters.
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