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BaseStochasticGradientDescentTModel, TKernel, TInput, TLoss Properties

The BaseStochasticGradientDescentTModel, TKernel, TInput, TLoss generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyIterations Obsolete.
Please use MaxIterations instead.
Public propertyKernel
Gets or sets the kernel function use to create a kernel Support Vector Machine.
Public propertyLambda
Gets or sets the lambda regularization term. Default is 0.5.
Public propertyLearningRate
Gets or sets the learning rate for the SGD algorithm.
Public propertyLoss
Gets or sets the loss function to be used. Default is to use the LogisticLoss.
Public propertyMaxIterations
Public propertyModel
Gets or sets the classifier being learned.
(Inherited from BinaryLearningBaseTModel, TInput.)
Public propertyToken
Gets or sets a cancellation token that can be used to stop the learning algorithm while it is running.
(Inherited from BinaryLearningBaseTModel, TInput.)
Public propertyTolerance
Gets or sets the maximum relative change in the watched value after an iteration of the algorithm used to detect convergence. Default is 1e-5.
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