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RANSACTModel Properties

The RANSACTModel generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDegenerate
Degenerative set detection function.
Public propertyDistances
Distance function.
Public propertyFitting
Model fitting function.
Public propertyMaxEvaluations
Maximum number of trials. Default is 1000.
Public propertyMaxSamplings
Maximum number of attempts to select a non-degenerate data set. Default is 100.
Public propertyProbability
Gets or sets the probability of obtaining a random sample of the input points that contains no outliers. Default is 0.99.
Public propertySamples
Gets or sets the minimum number of samples from the data required by the fitting function to fit a model.
Public propertyThreshold
Gets or sets the minimum distance between a data point and the model used to decide whether the point is an inlier or not.
Public propertyTrialsNeeded
Gets the current estimate of trials needed.
Public propertyTrialsPerformed
Gets the current number of trials performed.
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