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DecisionStump Properties

The DecisionStump type exposes the following members.

Public propertyComparison
Gets or sets the comparison to be performed.
Public propertyIndex
Gets the index of the attribute which this classifier will use to compare against Threshold.
Public propertyNumberOfClasses
Gets the number of classes expected and recognized by the classifier.
(Inherited from ClassifierBaseTInput, TClasses.)
Public propertyNumberOfInputs
Gets the number of inputs accepted by the model.
(Inherited from TransformBaseTInput, TOutput.)
Public propertyNumberOfOutputs
Gets the number of outputs generated by the model.
(Inherited from TransformBaseTInput, TOutput.)
Public propertySign Obsolete.
Gets the direction of the comparison (if greater than or less than).
Public propertyThreshold
Gets the decision threshold for this linear classifier.
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