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BilateralSmoothing Properties

The BilateralSmoothing type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColorFactor
Determines the variance of color for a color domain, >= 1.
Public propertyColorPower
Exponent power, used in Color function calculation, >= 1.
Public propertyEnableParallelProcessing
Enable or not parallel processing on multi-core CPUs.
Public propertyFormatTranslations
Format translations dictionary.
(Overrides BaseUsingCopyPartialFilterFormatTranslations.)
Public propertyKernelSize
Size of a square for limiting surrounding pixels that take part in calculations, [3, 255].
Public propertyLimitKernelSize
Specifies if exception must be thrown in the case a large kernel size is used which may lead to significant performance issues.
Public propertySpatialFactor
Determines smoothing power within a color domain (neighbor pixels of similar color), >= 1.
Public propertySpatialPower
Exponent power, used in Spatial function calculation, >= 1.
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