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VideoCaptureDeviceProvideSnapshots Property

Specifies if snapshots should be provided or not.

Namespace:  Accord.Video.DirectShow
Assembly:  Accord.Video.DirectShow (in Accord.Video.DirectShow.dll) Version: 3.8.0
public bool ProvideSnapshots { get; set; }
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Property Value

Type: Boolean

Some USB cameras/devices may have a shutter button, which may result into snapshot if it is pressed. So the property specifies if the video source will try providing snapshots or not - it will check if the camera supports providing still image snapshots. If camera supports snapshots and the property is set to , then snapshots will be provided through SnapshotFrame event.

Check supported sizes of snapshots using SnapshotCapabilities property and set the desired size using SnapshotResolution property.

Note Note
The property must be set before running the video source to take effect.

Default value of the property is set to .

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