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Accord.Vision.Motion Namespace

Public classBlobCountingObjectsProcessing
Motion processing algorithm, which counts separate moving objects and highlights them.
Public classCustomFrameDifferenceDetector
Motion detector based on difference with predefined background frame.
Public classGridMotionAreaProcessing
Motion processing algorithm, which performs grid processing of motion frame.
Public classMotionAreaHighlighting
Motion processing algorithm, which highlights motion areas.
Public classMotionBorderHighlighting
Motion processing algorithm, which highlights border of motion areas.
Public classMotionDetector
Motion detection wrapper class, which performs motion detection and processing.
Public classSimpleBackgroundModelingDetector
Motion detector based on simple background modeling.
Public classTwoFramesDifferenceDetector
Motion detector based on two continues frames difference.
Public interfaceIMotionDetector
Interface of motion detector algorithm.
Public interfaceIMotionProcessing
Interface of motion processing algorithm.