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Accord.Imaging Namespace

Public classCode exampleBagOfVisualWords
Bag of Visual Words
Public classCode exampleBagOfVisualWordsTPoint
Bag of Visual Words
Public classCode exampleBagOfVisualWordsTPoint, TFeature
Bag of Visual Words
Public classCode exampleBagOfVisualWordsTPoint, TFeature, TClustering, TExtractor
Bag of Visual Words
Public classBaseBagOfVisualWordsTModel, TFeature, TPoint, TClustering, TExtractor
Base class for Bag of Visual Words implementations.
Public classBaseCornersDetector
Base class for corner detectors implementing the ICornersDetector interface. Corner detectors can be seen as the simplest sparse feature extractors, where the extracted features are the (x,y) positions themselves.
Public classBaseFeatureExtractorTFeature
Public classBaseSparseFeatureExtractorTPoint
Public classBlob
Image's blob.
Public classBlobCounter
Blob counter - counts objects in image, which are separated by black background.
Public classBlobCounterBase
Base class for different blob counting algorithms.
Public classBlockMatch
Block match class keeps information about found block match. The class is used with block matching algorithms implementing IBlockMatching interface.
Public classCode exampleBorderFollowing
Border following algorithm for contour extraction.
Public classComplexImage
Complex image.
Public classCornerFeaturePoint
Corner feature point.
Public classCode exampleCornerFeaturesDetector
Feature detector based on corners.
Public classCorrelationMatching
Maximum cross-correlation feature point matching algorithm.
Public classDocumentSkewChecker
Skew angle checker for scanned documents.
Public classDrawing
Drawing primitives.
Public classDrawingExtensions
Extension methods for drawwing structures.
Public classExhaustiveBlockMatching
Block matching implementation with the exhaustive search algorithm.
Public classCode exampleExhaustiveTemplateMatching
Exhaustive template matching.
Public classCode exampleFastCornersDetector
Features from Accelerated Segment Test (FAST) corners detector.
Public classFastRetinaKeypoint
Fast Retina Keypoint (FREAK) point.
Public classFastRetinaKeypointDescriptor
Fast Retina Keypoint (FREAK) descriptor.
Public classCode exampleFastRetinaKeypointDetector
Fast Retina Keypoint (FREAK) detector.
Public classFeatureDescriptor
Standard feature descriptor for double feature vectors.
Public classCode exampleGrayLevelCooccurrenceMatrix
Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM).
Public classGrayLevelDifferenceMethod
Gray-Level Difference Method (GLDM).
Public classGrayLevelRunLengthMatrix
Gray-Level Run-Length Matrix.
Public classCode exampleHaralick
Haralick textural feature extractor.
Public classCode exampleHaralickDescriptor
Haralick's Texture Features.
Public classHaralickDescriptorDictionary
Feature dictionary. Associates a set of Haralick features to a given degree used to compute the originating GLCM.
Public classHarrisCornersDetector
Harris Corners Detector.
Public classCode exampleHistogramsOfOrientedGradients
Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG) descriptor extractor.
Public classHorizontalIntensityStatistics
Horizontal intensity statistics.
Public classHoughCircle
Hough circle.
Public classHoughCircleTransformation
Hough circle transformation.
Public classCode exampleHoughLine
Hough line.
Public classCode exampleHoughLineTransformation
Hough line transformation.
Public classImage
Core image relatad methods.
Public classImageStatistics
Gather statistics about image in RGB color space.
Public classImageStatisticsHSL
Gather statistics about image in HSL color space.
Public classImageStatisticsYCbCr
Gather statistics about image in YCbCr color space.
Public classCode exampleIntegralImage
Integral image.
Public classCode exampleIntegralImage2
Joint representation of both Integral Image and Squared Integral Image.
Public classInvalidImagePropertiesException
Invalid image properties exception.
Public classKNearestNeighborMatching
Nearest neighbor feature point matching algorithm.
Public classKNearestNeighborMatchingT
Nearest neighbor feature point matching algorithm.
Public classCode exampleLocalBinaryPattern
Local Binary Patterns.
Public classMatrixH
Encapsulates a 3-by-3 general transformation matrix that represents a (possibly) non-linear transform.
Public classMemoryManager
Internal memory manager used by image processing routines.
Public classMoravecCornersDetector
Moravec corners detector.
Public classCode exampleObjectiveFidelity
Objective Fidelity Criteria.
Public classQuadrilateralFinder
Searching of quadrilateral/triangle corners.
Public classRansacFundamentalEstimator
RANSAC Robust Fundamental Matrix Estimator.
Public classCode exampleRansacHomographyEstimator
RANSAC Robust Homography Matrix Estimator.
Public classRecursiveBlobCounter
Blob counter based on recursion.
Public classSpeededUpRobustFeaturePoint
Speeded-Up Robust Feature (SURF) Point.
Public classSpeededUpRobustFeaturesDescriptor
Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF) Descriptor.
Public classCode exampleSpeededUpRobustFeaturesDetector
Speeded-up Robust Features (SURF) detector.
Public classSusanCornersDetector
Susan corners detector.
Public classTemplateMatch
Template match class keeps information about found template match. The class is used with template matching algorithms implementing ITemplateMatching interface.
Public classTools
Static tool functions for imaging.
Public classUnmanagedImage
Image in unmanaged memory.
Public classUnsafeTools
Static tool functions for imaging.
Public classUnsupportedImageFormatException
Unsupported image format exception.
Public classVerticalIntensityStatistics
Vertical intensity statistics.
Public structureFeatureDescriptorT
Standard feature descriptor for generic feature vectors.
Public structureCode exampleHSL
HSL components.
Public structurePointH
Represents an ordered pair of real x- and y-coordinates and scalar w that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane using homogeneous coordinates.
Public structureCode exampleRGB
RGB components.
Public structureCode exampleYCbCr
YCbCr components.
Public enumerationCooccurrenceDegree
Co-occurrence Degree.
Public enumerationFastRetinaKeypointDescriptorType
SURF Feature descriptor types.
Public enumerationHaralickMode
Haralick's operation modes.
Public enumerationHarrisCornerMeasure
Corners measures to be used in HarrisCornersDetector.
Public enumerationObjectsOrder
Possible object orders.
Public enumerationSpeededUpRobustFeatureDescriptorType
SURF Feature descriptor types.