Spin-offs and extension projects

Accord.NET/AForge.NET for Windows Phone

If you have interest in using Accord.NET and AForge.NET features in your Windows Phone or Windows Store application, then please check out the CureOS fork by Anders Gustafsson. This project is a port of both frameworks to run on the Portable Class Library classes, the .NET subset that powers WinRT.

Accord.NET/AForge.NET for Java and Android

If you are very interested in one of the capabilities offered by Accord.NET and AForge.NET, but would like to work on Java, then please check out the Catalano Framework , a port of both frameworks to the Java Platform created by Diego Catalano. His article presenting and describing his framework on CodeProject received a best-article award in November; and in this article it can be seen how many of the image processing capabilities present in both frameworks (plus a many extra original implementations) can already be found on his project.

Fluent extensions, advanced image processing and generics

If you are interested in more advanced algorithms, such as optical flow, particle tracking and other extensions for the AForge.NET and Accord.NET Framework, take a look at the Accord.NET Extensions project being developed by Darko Jurić. The project implements Kalman Filters, the Kanade–Lucas–Tomasi feature tracker, among other algorithms and usage extensions.

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