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SharpDX.Multimedia Namespace

The SharpDX.Multimedia namespace contains common structures and helper classes for audio/video processing.
Public classRiffChunk
A chunk of a Riff stream.
Public classRiffParser
Riff chunk enumerator.
Public classSoundStream
Generic sound input stream supporting WAV (Pcm,Float), ADPCM, xWMA sound file formats.
Public classSpeakersExtensions
Helper class for Speaker mask.
Public classWaveFormat
Represents a Wave file format
Public classWaveFormatAdpcm
WaveFormatAdpcm Additional documentation:
Public classWaveFormatExtensible
Public structureFourCC
A FourCC descriptor.
Public enumerationAudclntSharemode

The AudclntSharemode enumeration defines constants that indicate whether an audio stream will run in shared mode or in exclusive mode.

Public enumerationAudioEndpointRole
This enumeration defines constants that indicate the role that the system has assigned to an audio endpoint device.
Public enumerationAudioSessionState

The AudioSessionState enumeration defines constants that indicate the current state of an audio session.

Public enumerationAudioStreamCategory

Specifies the category of an audio stream.

Public enumerationSpeakers
No documentation.
Public enumerationUsageId
No documentation.
Public enumerationUsagePage
No documentation.
Public enumerationWaveFormatEncoding
No documentation.