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SharpDX Namespace

The SharpDX namespace contains fundamental classes used by SharpDX.
Public classCallbackBase
Callback base implementation of ICallbackable.
Public classComArray
A fast method to pass array of ComObject to SharpDX methods.
Public classComArrayT
A typed version of ComArray
Public classComObject
Root IUnknown class to interop with COM object
Public classComObjectCallback
Base class for unmanaged callbackable Com object.
Public classCompilationException
A compilation exception.
Public classCompilationResultBaseT
Generic class to hold a shader compilation results.
Public classConfiguration
Global configuration.
Public classCppObject
Root class for all Cpp interop object.
Public classDataBuffer
Provides methods to perform fast read/write random access data on a buffer located in an unmanaged memory.
Public classDataStream
Provides a stream interface to a buffer located in unmanaged memory.
Public classDisposeBase
Base class for a IDisposable class.
Public classDisposeCollector
A class to dispose IDisposable instances and allocated unmanaged memory.
Public classDisposeEventArgs
Event args which can tell whether calling Dispose with dispoing flag or not.
Public classResultDescriptor
Descriptor used to provide detailed message for a particular Result.
Public classServiceEventArgs
Public classSharpDXException
The base class for errors that occur in SharpDX.
Public classTagAttribute
A general purpose tag attribute.
Public classUtilities
Utility class.
Public structureDataBox
Provides access to data organized in 3D.
Public structureDataPointer
Pointer to a native buffer with a specific size.
Public structureDataRectangle
Provides access to data organized in 2D.
Public structurePointerSize
The maximum number of bytes to which a pointer can point. Use for a count that must span the full range of a pointer. Equivalent to Windows type SIZE_T.
Public structureResult
Result structure for COM methods.
Public structureSize2
Structure using the same layout than [!:System.Drawing.Size].
Public structureSize2F
Structure using the same layout than [!:System.Drawing.SizeF].
Public interfaceICallbackable
Use this interface to tag a class that is called by an unmanaged object. A ICallbackable class must dispose the Shadow on dispose.
Public interfaceIInspectable
IInspectable used for a C# callback object exposed as WinRT Component.
Public interfaceIUnknown
Base interface for Component Object Model (COM).
Public enumerationUtilitiesCLSCTX
Public enumerationUtilitiesCoInit
Determines the concurrency model used for incoming calls to objects created by this thread. This concurrency model can be either apartment-threaded or multi-threaded.